Journey to Justice Together

Satellite Apartment Program

  • The SAP provides twenty four hour awake staff who are available to provide support twenty four hours a day.
  • Each resident is assigned a key counselor who will meet with the resident weekly assisting with the monitoring of progress towards personal and correctional goals and adhering to the reintegration plan.
  • Staff will work in cooperation with residents assisting them to address behaviour change, relapse prevention, coping skills and reintegration.

Journey to Justice Together

Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton

Sydney, NS

Telephone:  1.902.539.6165


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  • To apply for residency at the SAP please call 1-902-562-8271 and/or 1-902-539-6165 to complete a Preliminary Assessment with staff
  • Referrals can come from community agencies and partnerships
  • Self Referrals may be made
  • A 60 to 90 day release plan and/or re-integration plan will be developed in cooperation with the woman
  • A formal report will be presented to a Community Assessment Team and a decision to accept, defer or deny residency will be made
  • Community partners and/or referral agents will be notified of decisions

The Satellite Apartment Program (SAP) is a Community Based Residential Facility, Operating  since 2005, to provide a housing option for women who are on conditional release and/or are experiencing a transition in their lives and are in need of a stable living environment. The SAP is an eight bed facility with 24/7 supervised staff to work with women in developing tools needed to stabilize their lives. The SAP is a safe place where women can gradually adjust to new situations, make decisions and complete legal processes as they plan for their future.

Our Goals

  • To provide a supportive environment to facilitate integration back into the community.
  • To provide an Individual Program Plan (IPP) to facilitate community reintegration and a sense of self development.
  • To provide supervised residential program for women who are residing in the Elizabeth Fry Satellite Apartment Program in keeping with their legal requirements.
  • To promote community education and support for the Elizabeth Fry Satellite Apartment Program.