The Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton offers a number of programs which have had a direct effect on lowering in the recidivism rate, providing alternatives to incarceration and offering support in prevention and aftercare.  For example:

Satellite Apartment program

The Satellite Apartment Program (SAP) is a Community Based Residential Facility, operating  since 2005, to provide a housing option for women who are on conditional release and/or are experiencing a transition in their lives and are in need of a stable living environment. Our facility provides 24/7 supervised staff to work with women in developing tools needed to stabilize their lives. The SAP is a safe place where women can gradually adjust to new situations, make decisions and complete legal processes as they plan for their future.

Court Accompaniment Program

Staff and volunteers attend Provincial, Supreme and Family Courts on a daily basis to provide support, explain court procedures, assist in obtaining legal counsel and make referrals to appropriate agencies and resources.

The Self-Esteem Program (Stoplifting Intervention)

A twelve session supportive counseling program utilizing a combination of assessment, one-to-one counseling and group discussion.  Through these individual and group sessions, women are able to express their feelings and concerns with other women who have had similar experiences.  The Program format is composed of three parts:  1) assessment, 2) individual or group sessions, and 3) referrals and support. Attendance is either court mandated, referred by agency or self referral.

Female Teen Intervention Program

This is a ten session program designed to engage young women who are at risk or who have been in conflict with the law.  This youth program will assist women between the ages 12-14 and 15 - 17 to develop a healthy identity and a sense of community.

Information Sessions

Weekly sessions involve presentations from various community agencies, to further educate women as to what resources are available to them.

Women 4 Change (Anger Management) A ten session program designed to look at developing and practicing effective ways of managing anger.  This is delivered in a group setting utilizing participants’ experiences and knowledge.

Domestic Violence Workshop (Phase1)

This is a five session program designed to educate and provide the tools necessary for women  to learn how to cope with and manage their anger in a positive non-violent manner. They learn to identify with the role that anger plays in their lives and how anger is used and misused.

Domestic Violence Workshop (Phase2) ***See Women 4 Change***

Personal Boundaries

This is a six week program which provides awareness of what healthy boundaries are, personal boundaries for each individual, how to assemble healthy boundaries and problems associated with doing so, accepting personal responsibility for boundaries and personal rights in relationships.

Conflict Management

This is a four week program that defines the positive and negative functions of conflict, as well as, identifying the different stages of conflict. The program aims to develop strategies to reduce conflict and/or enhance approaches to solving conflict. 

Healthy Relationships 

This is an eight week program which will introduce various skills that will enable women to develop the healthy relationships that will potentially improve their quality of their life and the lives of those around them.

The Abundance Program

The Abundance Program focuses on meeting the needs of marginalized women as they move towards economic well-being. The program provides twenty-eight modules with fourteen sessions focusing on personal development and fourteen on pre-employment.

Facilitator/Court Worker Training

The Society offers a twelve week facilitator/court worker training.  The sessions include instruction in the basics of the criminal justice system, guest speakers consisting of Judges, Lawyers and law enforcement personnel as well as actual attendance in Provincial/Supreme Court. The training also includes group facilitation techniques.

Volunteer Training

The Society offers volunteer training with regards to programming, case management and special needs.



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Journey to Justice Together


On a local, regional and national level with regard to, among other things, medical assistance problems, prison overcrowding, lack of programming and women centered training, discrimination, racism, oppression, classification of maximum security prisoners, etc.


Staff  make appropriate referrals to other organizations in response to client needs. 

Prison Visits 

The Society visits Nova institution for Women and the Women’s Unit at Central Nova Scotia Correctional Centre quarterly to provide assistance with case management, filing appropriate paperwork, pre-release planning, parole hearings, advocacy, and emotional support.

Drop-in Centre

Located in the Society’s office the drop-in-centre provides a place for women to talk, develop friendships, build interpersonal skills, receive emotional support, increase confidence and share information.

Special Needs

In addition to court support, the Society refers women to the proper agencies when in need of assistance with housing, groceries, etc.

Record of Suspension

Staff assist women with the Record of Suspension process through providing information and assisting with the application.


Staff of the Society provide presentations on the Society and it’s programs, as well as on issues pertaining to the criminalization of women, to engage the community and promote awareness.

Student Placements

The Society recognizes the need for students to gain practical work experience and endeavours to provide assistance by accepting placements and providing training. Our Society accepts placements from secondary and post-secondary educational facilities.

Community Service Orders

The society has made its office available to provide both a placement and supervision for women who are required to perform Community Service Orders and Fine Option hours.


The Society is working closely with the justice system (defence, prosecution and
judiciary) to ensure that those women who meet the criteria for diversion receive referrals that divert them from court processes, saving time and money for the justice system and assisting the woman herself.


The Society has developed a close working relationship with several other community organizations.  A member of the Inter- Agency on Family Violence, involved in the development of the Every Women’s Centre.  E Fry CB board and staff sit on a number of other board and committees that represent the women we work with and on behalf of.

Research Grants

Satellite Apartment research, Struggling and Juggling in relation to anti-poverty advocacy, Female Teen Intervention Program which is designed to assist young women between the ages of 12 - 17 to build self-esteem, develop effective problem solving, anger management, and stress reducing methods.  An Evaluation of the Stoplifitng Intervention Program for adult women was conducted and results revealed a 2% recidivism rate among the women.